2022/01/08dessertデザート~13dinner晩御飯【The story of Cake shop Ashi(Reed) , Kagamibiraki and the R-1 Grand Prix】【ケーキ屋葦と鏡開きとR-1グランプリの話】

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A hidden famous store in the Shonan area, Reed Cake. Not only is it beautiful on the outside, but the inside is also like a fault. And the price is slightly cheaper than in Tokyo! Except for the Christmas season, you can buy cakes at a level that surpasses cake shops in the city at a reasonable price without lining up. On this day, I went to buy some to make up for the long queue on Christmas Eve. Here is the HP of Reed↓


湘南クリエイティブガトー 葦|Ashi|神奈川県平塚市
湘南ガトーアベニュー 葦は湘南地域に11店舗を持つ洋菓子店の老舗。ご贈答用のお菓子は湘南ガトーアベニュー 葦で
Amazon.co.jp: 湘南チーズパイ 190g入り 1箱 サブレ 湘南クリエイティブガトー プレゼント お返し お土産 : 食品・飲料・お酒
Amazon.co.jp: 湘南チーズパイ 190g入り 1箱 サブレ 湘南クリエイティブガトー プレゼント お返し お土産 : 食品・飲料・お酒


Potato gratin, steamed vegetables, homemade dumplings, ponzu sauce



Oden, natto, grated yam, steamed vegetables, yam steak, steamed pork


Amazon | [KYOETSU] [キョウエツ] 振袖 絵羽 洗える 古典柄 単品 (400) | 着物 通販
着物(レディース)ストアで 振袖 絵羽 洗える 古典柄 単品 (400)などがいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部除く)。

This day last year was Coming-of-Age Day. On Coming-of-Age Day, you may see new adults in furisode at stations and on trains.


This year’s 1/10 will be held for the first time in 3 years. 2020-22 has been canceled due to the corona misfortune. Fukuo is an annual event at Nishinomiya Shrine. It has been widely covered on TV and in newspapers. In the early morning darkness of the shrine, as soon as the red gate opens, the fast-paced men start running all at once. By the way, women can also participate. For more information, please visit the website of Nishinomiya Shrine ↓


開門神事と福男選び | 西宮観光協会
1月10日の午前6時に大太鼓が鳴り響き、通称「赤門(あかもん)」と呼ばれる表大門(おもてだいもん)が開かれると同時に本殿を目指して走り出す参拝者たち。テレビや新聞でも報道される迫力あるシーンです。 この神事は開門神事・福男選びと呼ばれており
Amazon | [シュンソク] スニーカー キッズ 男の子 子供靴 幅広 軽量 16~25cm 3E SJJ 4410 9240 | 瞬足(シュンソク) | 運動靴・スニーカー
スニーカー キッズ 男の子 子供靴 幅広 軽量 16~25cm 3E SJJ 4410 9240が運動靴・スニーカーストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部除く)。


Rice (not pictured), grilled shishamo smelt, black sesame tofu, hikiwari natto, scrambled egg and spinach, octopus Namasu, boiled tofu, konnyaku


Amazon.co.jp: 【敷板・椿水引セット付き】ガラスの鏡餅(白)大 箱入り <ガラス工房 CRAFTHOUSE> : おもちゃ
Amazon.co.jp: 【敷板・椿水引セット付き】ガラスの鏡餅(白)大 箱入り <ガラス工房 CRAFTHOUSE> : おもちゃ

Although it is not on the menu for this day, 1/11 is the day to open the mochi barrel.


Amazon.co.jp: 木曽桧木製鏡餅 : おもちゃ
Amazon.co.jp: 木曽桧木製鏡餅 : おもちゃ

Kagami-biraki and Kagami-wari are annual events in Japan where people eat kagami mochi offered to the gods (toshigami) and Buddha on New Year’s Day. We give thanks to the gods and buddhas, pray for good health, and eat the rice cakes offered to us. It is often eaten with shiruko, ozoni, or oyster rice cakes. Wikipedia

鏡開き(かがみびらき)・鏡割り(かがみわり)とは、正月に神(年神)や仏に供えた鏡餅を下げて食べる、日本の年中行事である。 神仏に感謝の気持ちを示し、無病息災などを祈って、供えられた餅を食べる。 汁粉・雑煮、かき餅(あられ)などで食されることも多い。Wikipedia


価格:17000円(税込、送料無料) (2023/1/7時点)



PRONTO breakfast (toast, jam, butter, salad, soup, bacon egg, coffee)


I ate an unusually solid breakfast. Moreover, morning at the hotel. This is a café restaurant called PRONTO, so you can eat PRONTO morning with an accommodation plan that includes breakfast. Rattled because it was a weekday. It was cold because there were too many people. However, the breakfast menu at the hotel is something that you can make at home, but it’s also delicious because it’s out of the ordinary. There is a reason for staying at the hotel on this day. Here is a hotel where you can eat PRONTO breakfast ↓


カフェ&バー プロント|レストラン&バー|【公式】渋谷東武ホテル
渋谷東武ホテル1階の「カフェ&バー プロントのご案内です。焼きたてのパンとコーヒー、パスタやオリジナルケーキ、 アルコールメニュー等、時間帯に合わせ豊富なフードメニューをご用意しています。渋谷東武ホテルは渋谷駅から7分、ビジネスにもショッピ...

Kumatamo is an ordinary person, but I went to audition for the R-1 Grand Prix. The R-1 Grand Prix is a comedy TV special program that is held every year to determine the best pin comedian in Japan. In order to take the audition, I took the trouble to get vaccinated and booked a business hotel and stayed there!


Amazon.co.jp: 変化する宿泊ビジネス : 石﨑祥之, 廣岡裕一, 大島知典: 本
Amazon.co.jp: 変化する宿泊ビジネス : 石﨑祥之, 廣岡裕一, 大島知典: 本

I put on new shoes that my deceased predecessor didn’t wear, and headed for the challenge with the feeling of “Please watch over my ancestors.” When I was thinking that the floor of the train on the way there was terribly covered with dirt, it was just that the heels of the shoes I was wearing were crumbling due to deterioration over time and they looked like dirt. I hurriedly bought new shoes at a shoe store, but the blisters were so bad that I had to buy new shoes at a different store and go to the venue. Just before the performance, I prepared to put on sunglasses with props that shine, but even though I opened them, the crane broke and I suddenly had to do something that wasn’t planned, and I was defeated in the first match!


Amazon.co.jp: Restars 発光LEDメガネ 考える姿メガネ LED光仮面 犯人追跡メガネ 名探偵コナン 工藤新一 コスプレ道具 コスプレ小物 変身/お祭り/パーティー/ハロウィン/仮装大会/クリスマス/新年会/学園祭 : ホビー
Amazon.co.jp: Restars 発光LEDメガネ 考える姿メガネ LED光仮面 犯人追跡メガネ 名探偵コナン 工藤新一 コスプレ道具 コスプレ小物 変身/お祭り/パーティー/ハロウィン/仮装大会/クリスマス/新年会/学園祭 : ...


Rice with bamboo shoots, whitebait and radish leaves marinated, boiled bamboo shoots, herring roe, miso sauce of boiled radish, grilled white fish in foil


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japanese sweets&dessert
とある日本人が昨年食べた献立記録The menu record that a Japanese ate last year.


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