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2021/06/28【暑いので水族館の写真を追加&まとめました!(その3)涼みに来てくださいね♪】【It’s hot so I added and summarized the photos of the aquarium!(Part 3) Please come to cool down ♪】

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2021/06/30昼御飯lunch【暑くて食欲の湧かない時の桃と桃太郎の話】【The peach when it’s hot and you have no appetite and Momotaro】

桃太郎はほとんどの日本人が知っている童話!?Momotaro is a fairy tale most Japanese know! ?どんなお話なのかな?What kind of story are you talking about?
japanese culture

2021/06/28【暑いので水族館の写真を追加&まとめました!(その2)涼みに来てくださいね♪】【It’s hot so I added and summarized the photos of the aquarium!(Part 2) Please come to cool down ♪】

japanese food lunch

2021/06/29昼御飯lunch【初めての日本食でそばをすすめるのは要注意とそば粉文化の国の話】【The story of be careful not to recommend soba with your first Japanese food and country of buckwheat culture】

はじめての日本食にそばをすすめるのはダメ!?Don't recommend soba to your first Japanese meal! ?そば粉文化の国は?Which country has buckwheat flour culture?
japanese culture

2021/06/28【水族館に夢中で晩御飯を食べ忘れた話(水族館の写真その1)】【The story of I was absorbed in the aquarium and forgot to eat dinner(Photo of the aquarium 1)】


【お知らせ】2021/05/13~24&31(デザート)ブログ記事内の小話を追加編集しました。[Notice] 2021/05 / 13-24 & 31(dessert) The short story in the blog article has been added and edited.

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2021/06/27【晩御飯dinner ビーツと節電と熱中症予防を呼びかける異常事態と東京五輪前の異様な空気感の話】【The story of beets,abnormal situation calling for power saving and heat stroke prevention and A strange atmosphere before the Tokyo Olympics】

ビーツと節電と熱中症予防に昨年の東京五輪前の話?!A story before last year's Tokyo Olympics for beats, power saving and heat stroke prevention? !
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2021/06/26晩御飯dinner【ドラゴンフルーツと酷暑日と猛暑日の話】【The story of dragon fruit,extremely hot days and hot days】

ドラゴンフルーツと酷暑日と猛暑日!?dragon fruit,extremely hot days and hot days!?美味しいのかな?Is it delicious?
japanese food dinner

2021/06/25晩御飯dinner【日本人は量より色んな種類の食材を味わいたい民族と真夏日と猛暑日の違いの話】【The story of Japanese people want to taste various kinds of ingredients rather than quantity and the difference between a midsummer day and a hot day】

日本人の食事は量より多種多様を求める!?Japanese people want more variety than quantity! ?真夏日と猛暑日って?!Midsummer days and hot days?!
japanese food dinner

2021/06/24晩御飯dinner【日本にお越しの際は熱中症にお気をつけ下さいませの話】【The story of please be careful about heat stroke when you come to Japan】

まだ6月なのに熱中症に注意!?Beware of heat stroke even though it's still June! ?昨年は涼しかったのに?!Was it cool last year? !