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2022/01/28breakfast朝ごはん~31dinner晩御飯【The story of the continuation of the Seven Lucky Gods tour and pizza toast】【七福神巡りの続きとピザトーストの話】

The continuation of the Seven Lucky Gods tour and pizza toast.Was Kumatamo able to conquer the Seven Lucky Gods? !七福神巡りの続きとピザトースト。クマタモは七福神制覇できたのか!?
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2022/01/24~27dinner晩御飯【The story of Seven Lucky Gods Tour and two-color rice bowl】【七福神巡りと二色丼の話】

The story of Seven Lucky Gods Tour and two-color rice bowlDid Kumatamo go around the Seven Lucky Gods? ?七福神巡りと二色丼の話。クマタモは七福神巡れたのか!?
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2022/01/21lunch昼ご飯~23dinner晩御飯【The story of One-day hot spring and Vietnamese pho -Yunokura Garden-】【日帰り温泉とベトナムフォー~湯乃蔵ガーデン~の話】

Yunokura Garden is a Showa retro hot spring facility! ?We also have Vietnamese Pho!湯の蔵ガーデンは昭和レトロな温泉施設!?ベトナムフォーもあるよ!
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2022/01/19lunch昼ご飯~20晩御飯【The story of Tuna pickled rice bowl and day-trip hot spring ~Center Minami YuMominosato~】【マグロの漬け丼と日帰り温泉~センター南湯もみの里~の話】

Hot spring facility Yumomi no Sato. Hot springs, bedrock baths, pickled tuna bowls, footbath, and more!温泉施設湯もみの里。温泉、岩盤浴、まぐろの漬け丼、足湯と盛り沢山!
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2021/10/23dinner晩御飯*Supplementary post※補足投稿【The story of Hanasaki crab from Hokkaido, known only to those in the know】【知る人ぞ知る北海道産花咲蟹の話】

What does Hokkaido's Hanasaki crab taste like to those in the know? It's true that it's a phantom crab!? ?知る人ぞ知る北海道産花咲蟹とはどんな味??幻のカニだって!?
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2022/01/14~18dinner晩御飯【The story of Is this winter crab cheap!? ?】【この冬蟹は安いのか!?の話】

Is it true that Russian crabs, which the US rejected, flow to Japan and become cheaper? ?アメリカが断ったロシア産の蟹が日本に流れて割安になっているニュースは本当か!?
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2022/01/08dessertデザート~13dinner晩御飯【The story of Cake shop Ashi(Reed) , Kagamibiraki and the R-1 Grand Prix】【ケーキ屋葦と鏡開きとR-1グランプリの話】

Story of Ashi, a well-known cake shop hidden in the Shonan area ,Kagamibiraki and R-1 Grand Prix Audition湘南地域の隠れた名店ケーキ屋葦と鏡開きとR-1グランプリ
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New Year’s Day before 2020, 2020年以前1月某日【The story of Kakizome lady gaga in kanji】【書き初めにレディー・ガガの話】

In Japan, there is a New Year's event called Kakizome. Did Kumatamo write Lady Gaga? !日本では正月の行事に書き初めというものがあります。クマタモが書いたのはレディー・ガガ?!
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2022/01/01lunch昼ご飯~07dinner晩御飯【The story of New Year’s dishes are osechi, ozoni and mochi】【正月料理はおせちとお雑煮と餅の話】

Introducing Japanese New Year's food! What is the food that kills Japanese people on New Year's Day? !日本の正月料理を紹介するよ!正月に日本人を殺傷しまくっている食材って?!