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2021/11/30【The story of super public bath meal】【スーパー銭湯飯の話】

Is it true that the food you eat at a super public bath is 30% more delicious?スーパー銭湯で食べる料理は3割増しで美味しいって本当?
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One day in November 2020,2020年11月某日【Enoshima Staying Story Part 2 Eating while walking】【江の島お泊まりの話その2 食べ歩き編】

Staying in Enoshima without people is exciting! ?人のいない江の島お泊まりはワクワク!?We also introduce eating spots!食べ歩きスポットもご紹介!
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2021/11/21~29dinner晩御飯【The story of Kakiage udon and cat tongue】【かき揚げうどんと猫舌の話】

Kakiage is a type of tempuraかき揚げは天ぷらの一種How to eat when you put it on udon?うどんの上に乗せた時の食べ方は?What is cat tongue?猫舌って何?
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One day in November 2020,2020年11月某日【The story of staying in Enoshima Part 1 sightseeing edition】【江の島お泊まりの話その1観光編】

Enoshima is a tourist destination in Kanagawa.江ノ島は神奈川県にある観光地 Mainly a day trip, but I will stay overnight日帰りメインですが泊まってみます
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Some day in November before 2020,2020年以前11月某日【The story of Momiji gari(Autumn leaf hunting)】【紅葉狩りの話】

In Japan, viewing autumn leaves is called Momijigari(hunting). Why?日本では紅葉鑑賞のことを紅葉狩りと呼びます。なぜなのか?There is also a photo of autumn leaves紅葉写真もあるよ
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2021/11/18~20dinner晩御飯【The story of oyster pot】【牡蠣鍋の話】

Oyster hot pot is a local dish of Hiroshima.広島の郷土料理に牡蠣の土手鍋があります。Oysters are delicious whether they are baked or boiled.牡蠣は焼いても煮ても美味しいですね。
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2021/11/15~17dinner晩御飯【The story of farm restaurant】【農園レストランの話】

I came to a peaceful farm restaurant.のどかな農園レストランにやってきました。What kind of meal would you like?どんなお食事だろう?
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2021/11/12dessertデザート~15lunch昼ご飯【The story of Mapo tofu set meal 】【麻婆豆腐定食の話】

Mapo tofu is a Chinese dish, but it is also popular with Japanese people.麻婆豆腐は中華料理ですが日本人にも人気Spicy and sweaty? !旨辛汗だく?!
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2021/11/10~12dinner晩御飯【The story of gomokumame】【五目豆の話】

Gomokumame means various kinds of ingredients and beans.what does it taste like?五目豆は色々な種類の食材と豆という意味です。どんな味かな?
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2021/11/08lunch昼ご飯~09dinner晩御飯【The story of taiyaki】【たい焼きの話】

Taiyaki is a long-selling street food in Japan.A pancake in the shape of a fish?!たい焼きは日本のロングセラー屋台フード ! 魚の形なのにパンケーキ?!