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2021/10/28~31dinner晩御飯【The story of hairy crab】【毛ガニの話】

Excellent! Get a hairy crab from Hokkaido! 絶品!北海道産毛ガニをゲット!how do you eatどうやって食べるんだろう?What is hair for?毛はなんのためにあるの?
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2021/10/25lunch昼ご飯~27dinner晩御飯【The story of Hoto】【ほうとうの話】

Hoto is a representative local dish of Yamanashi Prefecture.ほうとうは山梨県の代表的な郷土料理It's fettuccine from Yamanashi! ?山梨のフィットチーネ!?
japanese food dinner

2021/10/23~24dinner晩御飯【The story of Saury of Meguro】【目黒のさんまの話】

"Meguro pacific saury Festival" is famous in Meguro where there is no sea! ?海のない目黒で"目黒のさんま祭り"が有名!?What the hell! ?一体どういうこと?
japanese food dinner

2021/10/20晩御飯dinner~22デザートdessert【今日鍋にしようぜ!の話】【The story of Let’s have a hot pot today! 】

今日鍋にしようぜ!Let's have a hot pot today!どういうこと!?What do you mean! ?鍋そのものを食べるつもり??Are you going to eat the pot itself? ?
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2021/10/18~19晩御飯dinner【すき焼きソングの話】【The story of SUKIYAKI song】

昔すき焼きの歌があったみたい!It seems that there was a song about sukiyaki long ago!全米ビルボード1位!?It reached #1 on the US Billboard charts! ?
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2021/10/14~17晩御飯dinner【焼きそばの話】【The story of Yakisoba (Fried noodles)】

焼きそばはB級グルメ!?Yakisoba is a class B gourmet! ?たまに食べたくなる不思議?Strange that you want to eat sometimes? 歯に青のりの訳Translation of green paste on teeth
japanese food dinner

2021/10/11~13晩御飯dinner【きびなごの話】【The story of Kibinago】

きびなごってなんだろう?What is Kibinago?刺身は鹿児島県でないと食べられない?!Can you eat sashimi only in Kagoshima Prefecture? ! お魚かな?Is it a fish?
japanese food dinner

2021/10/07~10晩御飯dinner【つまの話】【The story of tsuma】

つまってなんのこと?What the heck is going on?特に必要のないものの例え!?An example of what you don't really need! ?なんそれ?酷い!What's ?How awful!
japanese food dinner

2021/10/03~06晩御飯dinner【豚汁の話】【The story of pork soup】

豚汁は日本でカレーライスと同じくらいの人気食。Pork miso soup is as popular as curry rice in Japan.どんなメニューかな?What kind of menu is it? 見てみよう!let's see!
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2021/09/30昼ご飯lunch~10/02晩御飯dinner【手作りピサの話】【The story of homemade pizza】

ホームベーカリーでピサも作れるって?Can you make pizza at home bakery?