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2021/09/28~29晩御飯dinner【豆腐ハンバーグの話】【The story of tofu hamburger】

豆腐ハンバーグってなんだろう?What is a tofu hamburger?どうやって作るのかな?how do i make itどんな味?how does it taste?
japanese food dinner

2021/09/24~27晩御飯dinner【すき焼きの話】【The story of sukiyaki】

すき焼きの具材や調理法、食べ方を紹介Introducing sukiyaki ingredients, cooking methods, and how to eat
japanese sweets&dessert

2021/09/21お月見団子Otsukimi dango~09/23晩御飯dinner【昨年の今日が中秋の名月の話】【The story of Last year today was the Mid-Autumn Moon】

お月見団子?What is the moon viewing burger that can only be eaten at this time of year?お月見バーガーも?Also a moon viewing burger?
japanese sweets&dessert

2021/09/18デザートdessert~09/21晩御飯dinner【シュークリームは何語?の話】【The story of What language is the shu cream?】

シュークリームは英語じゃない?!Isn't shu cream in English? !それじゃあ何語の何料理なんだい??What language and what cuisine? ?
japanese food dinner

2021/09/16~09/18 晩御飯dinner【秋茄子は嫁に食わすなの話】【The story of Don’t let daughter-in-law eat autumn eggplants】

秋茄子は嫁に食わすな!?Don't let daughter-in-law eat autumn eggplants!?はあー!?Oh ! ! ? ?実は2つの意味があります。In fact, there are two meanings.
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2021/09/13昼ご飯lunch~09/15晩御飯dinner【オムライスにケチャップでなんか描く人の話】【The story of A person who draws something on omurice with ketchup】

日本人はオムライスにケチャップで絵や文字を描くのが好き!?Japanese people like to draw pictures and letters on omurice with ketchup! ?オムライス?What is omurice?
japanese food dinner

2021/09/10昼ご飯lunch~09/12晩御飯dinner【弱った鮎は助けられたのか生け捕られたのかの話】【The story of Were the weakened ayu rescued or captured?】

弱った鮎は助けられたのか生け捕られたのか?Were the weakened ayu rescued or captured?クマタモの田舎の思い出Memories of Kumatamo's Countryside
japanese food lunch

2021/09/07~09/09晩御飯dinner【スーパーで買えるコスパ◎冷蔵ピザの話】【The story of Cost performance that can be bought at the supermarket ◎ Refrigerated pizza】

日本のスーパーで買えるコスパ良好冷蔵ピザを紹介We introduce refrigerated pizzas with good cost performance that you can buy at Japanese supermarkets.
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2021/09/05【世界初の水素燃料聖火台とパラリンピック閉会式の話】【The story of The world’s first hydrogen-fueled cauldron and the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games】

東京パラリンピックは興奮と感動の嵐!The Tokyo Paralympics is a storm of excitement and excitement!SDGsへのヒントがここに!Hints for SDGs are here!
japanese food dinner

2021/09/05昼ご飯lunch~09/06晩御飯dinner【おでんに白米は合うのか論争の話】【The story of controversy over whether white rice goes well with oden】

度々白米のおかずにおでんは合うのか論争がなされますが、おでんとは?There is often controversy over whether oden goes well with white rice as a side dish.What is Oden?