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【補足supplement】2021/06/08晩御飯dinner【日本で唯一生桜えびを食べられる場所の話】【The story of the only place in Japan where you can eat raw sakura shrimp】

日本で唯一生桜えびを食べられる場所って一体どこ?Where is the only place in Japan where you can eat raw sakura shrimp?補足したい!I want to supplement!
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2021/07/31晩御飯dinner【粕漬けの魚とアウェーな話】【The story of Pickled in lees and the away】

粕漬けの魚って何?どんな味?What is pickled fish? how does it taste?柔道でアウェーってどういうこと?!What does away mean in judo? !そんな話such a story
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2021/07/30晩御飯dinner【箸を使った魚の食べ方とライトセーバーの話】【The story of how to eat fish with chopsticks and a lightsaber】

箸を使って魚を食べてみよう!Let's eat fish well with chopsticks!フェンシングがライトセーバー?Is fencing a lightsaber?一体どういうこと?What the hell is that?
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2021/07/29晩御飯dinner【鮭とサーモンは別物と五輪中描いた変な絵の話】【The story of sake and salmon are different and a strange picture drawn during the Olympics】

日本に売ってる鮭とサーモンはどう違う?What is the difference between salmon sold in Japan and salmon?変な絵も有!There is also a strange picture!
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2021/07/28晩御飯dinner【結びこんにゃくで戦いに備え良縁を結ぼうの話】【The story of Let’s prepare for the battle and make a good match with tie konjac】

結びこんにゃくって何?良縁を結ぶ?戦いに備える?What is tied konnyaku? Do you want to make a good match? Ready for battle?どういうこと?What the hell?
japanese food dinner

2021/07/27晩御飯dinner【鰹の”タタキ”ってなんだろう?の話】【The story of What is the “tataki” of bonito?】

鰹の"タタキ"ってなんだろう?の話The story of What is the "tataki" of bonito?一体何をするつもり?!What are you going to do? !

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japanese food dinner

2021/07/26晩御飯dinner【サンマが気軽に食べられなくなるなら代用魚を探そうの話】【The story of if the price of saury is too high to eat, look for a substitute fish】

サンマが高級魚?!庶民の味方じゃなくなるってどういうこと?Is saury a luxury fish? ! What does it mean to not be an ally of the common people?
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2021/07/25昼ご飯lunch【東京五輪生中継で自粛生活の話】【The story of self-restraint life with live broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics】

東京五輪生中継で自粛生活の話The story of self-restraint life with live broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics可愛いマスコットとお花!cute mascot & flower
japanese food dinner

2021/07/25晩御飯dinner【北海道産八角魚の話】【The story of Hokkaido star anise】

北海道産八角魚の話The story of Hokkaido star anise気持ち悪いけど美味しい?Disgusting but delicious?それって一体どういうこと??Who the hell is that??