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2021/07/19 【東京オリパラグッズと盛り塩の話】【The story of Tokyo Oripara Goods and prime salt】

東京オリンピックパラリンピックのグッズを買ったみたいだけどIt looks like I bought some Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic goods盛り塩?What is a plate of salt?
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2021/07/18晩御飯dinner 【なめろうってなんだろう?の話】【The story of what is namero?】

なめろうって何?茄子をなめる?!What is Namero? Lick the eggplant? !絶対違う気がする!I feel absolutely different!では一体何?So what?答えは…answer is...
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2021/07/18昼ご飯lunch【ウインナーの切れ目のガーンな話 】【The ghan story of the cut of the wiener】

ウィンナーの切れ目を入れるのは日本だけ?!Is it only Japan that cuts the wiener? ! 切れ目がない方が美味しい?Is it more delicious without a cut?本当?really?
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2021/07/17晩御飯dinner【裏側の鰻と土用の丑の日の話 】【The story of eel on the back side and Day of the Ox】

珍し鰻の裏側写真!This is a rare picture of the back side of the eel!There is also a front side!夏に土用鰻の謎Mystery of Ox eels in summer
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2021/07/16デザートdessert【水まんじゅうと和菓子はコーヒーにも合う話】【 The story of mizumanju and Japanese sweets go well with coffee】

水まんじゅうって?What is Mizumanju?スライムみたいな見た目?!Does it look like slime? !美味しい?Is it delicious?コーヒーに合う?does it go well with coffee?
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2021/07/16晩御飯dinner 【赤魚の話 】【The story of red fish】

赤魚?鯛とは違う?!Red fish? Is it different from sea bream? !日本のスーパーにある赤魚はどんなの?What kind of red fish in Japanese supermarkets?
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2021/07/15デザートdessert 【レンチンと寒天の話】【The story of “renchin”& agar】

"レンチン"て?美味しい?What is "Lentin"? Something delicious?いえ、食べ物じゃないです。No, it's not food.寒天はゼリーとは違う?Is agar different from jelly?
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2021/07/15晩御飯dinner 【白いトウモロコシご飯と味噌汁のシジミは食べるか問題の話】【The story of white corn rice and Is it a problem to eat the clams of miso soup?】

日本人の間では度々いざこざが起きます。Disputes often arise among Japanese people.味噌汁のシジミは食べるのか食べないのか?Do you eat clams in miso soup or not?
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2021/07/14晩御飯dinner 【食べかけの玉子焼きの海苔とお詫びのアマビエの話 】【The story of half-eaten omelet seaweed and Amabie apology】

海苔を食べるのは日本だけ?!Isn't it only Japan that eats seaweed? !アマビエ?日本人は皆知ってる?!What is Amabie? Do you know all Japanese people? !
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2021/07/13晩御飯dinner【白いトウモロコシの話 】【The story of white corn】

白いトウモロコシはどんな品種?What kind of white corn is it? 美味しいのかな?Is it delicious?黄色いのとは違う?Is it different from the yellow one?