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2021/07/07晩御飯dinner【七夕は二人だけで会うためにほとんど晴れないのとゲン担ぎのトンカツの話】【The story of Tanabata is almost not sunny every year because they meet alone and Tonkatsu for the trial】

七夕はお祭りの日!なんで毎年雨が降るの?Tanabata is a festival day! why does it rain every yearトンカツでゲンを担ぐ?Carrying Gen with Tonkatsu?パンダ?!panda?!
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2021/07/06晩御飯dinner【トウモロコシご飯は夏の味の話 】【The story of corn rice is a summer taste】

夏らしく、トウモロコシご飯に追いトウモロコシですね!Like summer, it's corn added to corn rice!
japanese culture

2021/07/06昼御飯lunch【手鞠寿司と手鞠風のイラストの話】【The story of temarizushi and temari style illustration】

一口サイズの可愛いお寿司は手毬寿司!Bite-sized cute sushi is temari sushi!けどそもそも手毬って何?!But what is Temari? !変な絵もあるよ!There is weird picture
japanese break time&snack time

2021/07/05一休みbreak time【一休みに淹れたてコーヒーとメロンはいかが?とコーヒーの注文の仕方の話 】【The story of How about freshly brewed coffee and melon for a break? and How to order coffee】

"アイスコーヒー"を注文すると怒られる?!Do you get angry when you order "ice coffee"? !コーヒーの注文に苦戦?!Struggling to order coffee?!なんで??Why??
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2021/07/05晩御飯dinner 【ちくわの話 】【The story of chikuwa】

ちくわは日本の一般的なおかず?Is chikuwa a common side dish in Japan?一体どんな食べ物なのかな?What kind of food is it?見てみよう!let's look!
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2021/07/04晩御飯dinner【豆腐メンタルと黒胡麻豆腐と色んな豆腐の話 】【The story of tofu mental, black sesame tofu and various tofu】

豆腐メンタルってどんなメンタル!?What kind of mentality is tofu mentality! ?豆腐には沢山の種類があるって本当?Is it true that there are many types of tofu?
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2021/07/03晩御飯dinner【冷凍シーフードミックスが便利な話】【The story of frozen seafood mix is convenient】

日本のスーパーマーケットにも冷麺シーフードがあるって!?Japanese supermarkets have cold noodle seafood! ?早速行ってみよう!Let's go!
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2021/07/02晩御飯dinner【マスク社会でニンニク料理食べ放題の話】【The story of all-you-can-eat garlic food in the mask society】

マスク社会でニンニク料理が食べ放題!?all-you-can-eat garlic food in the mask society!?一体どういうこと?What the hell is that?
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2021/07/01晩御飯dinner【日本食は塩分過多だけど暑い日はぜひお召し上がりくださいの話】【The story of Japanese food is too salty, but please enjoy it on hot days】

日本食はヘルシーなのに塩分過多?!Is Japanese food healthy but too salty? ! 本当?really?暑い日に丁度いいの何故Why is it just right for a hot day