2021/12/20break time一休み~21snack timeおやつ【The story of Smile point Raise thunder】【笑点雷おこしの話】

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12/20break time一休み

caramel macchiato, chocolate chip scone



Rice (not pictured), natto, radish miso sauce, steamed egg custard, spinach dip, rice cake purse, omelet



Rice (not pictured), natto, miso soup with clams, mozuku seaweed, fried egg with spinach, boiled flounder


12/21snack timeおやつ

smile lightning Raise thunder


Kaminari Okoshi(Raise thunder) is a Japanese sweet made from rice that looks and feels like chocolate crunch. It sticks to your teeth. The taste is less sweet than chocolate.


Mochi is made by steaming rice and roasting it to make puff-like puffs called “okoshitane,” which are mixed with starch syrup, sugar, peanuts, and other ingredients and kneaded to harden. The name Kaminari Okoshi is derived from Kaminarimon '' and was sold as a lucky charm with the words wake up the house ” and wake up the name '' and with the slogan thunder protection charm ”.  Wikipedia

米を蒸して餅にしたものを焙煎し、パフ状に膨らんだ「おこし種」に水飴、砂糖、ピーナッツなどを混ぜて練り固めたもの。 雷おこしの名は「雷門」を由来としており、「家を起こす」「名を起こす」をかけた縁起物として、および「雷よけのおまじない」などの謳い文句で売られた。 ウィキペディア

Showen is entertainment variety. It is a national longevity program that has continued for over 50 years. It is broadcast every Sunday evening. Uncles will play a funny Ogiri, and a guest comedian will come to the opening act and do comedy and skits. At Ogiri, everyone except the moderator sits on cushions, and the number of cushions increases or decreases depending on the moderator’s mood. If someone get 10 cushions, someone will get a prize that is not very happy.


This is a Kaminari Okoshi with the names and illustrations of the Shoten members. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t see the illustration of Master Shota, the moderator, in any of the photos. I put an advertisement on the bottom, but you can see the original photo. And in this illustration, Master Utamaru and Master Enraku are now dead. Since the performers who continue to appear are becoming more and more old men, they often pass away and the members change.


おみやげ宅配便 東京 土産 笑点 雷おこし缶 (国内旅行 日本 東京 お土産)
「笑点」メンバー勢揃い。 座布団型の缶の中には、「笑点」出演者のイラスト入り個包装がぎっしり。 缶を開けるだけでも楽しい気分になれそう。 ひとくちサイズの白砂糖と黒糖の2種。 雷門すぐ横にある雷門本店。

This is Mr. Sanpei, who left Shoten in 2021. It was a pity that everyone said it wasn’t interesting even though it was a variety show with a script. Currently, a new member, Mr. Miyaji, has joined.


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とある日本人が昨年食べた献立記録The menu record that a Japanese ate last year.