New Year’s Day before 2020, 2020年以前1月某日【The story of Kakizome lady gaga in kanji】【書き初めにレディー・ガガの話】

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New Year’s Day before 2020


Kakizome is one of the annual events in Japan, and refers to writing letters and pictures with a brush for the first time in the new year. Synonyms include test test, test writing/initial writing, starting writing/starting writing, test letter, test exemption, test ink, test spring, trial test, and synonyms are first inkstone, good start/good start/good start, good book. be. In the lunar calendar era, it was held on the 2nd day of the new year, that is, January 2nd in the lunar calendar.  Wikipedia

書初/書初め/書き初めとは、日本の年中行事の一つで、新年になって初めて毛筆で字や絵を書くことを指す。同義語として、試毫、試筆/始筆、筆始/筆始め、試簡、試免、試穎、試春、試觚が、類義語として、初硯、吉書始/吉書始め、吉書がある。 旧暦時代には当時の正月2日すなわち旧暦の1月2日に行われた。 ウィキペディア


This is a kakizome I wrote for my overseas acquaintances before 2020. I came across a piece of writing that I forgot to give to you, so I’ll introduce it to you. The meaning and reading characters are written, such as “Dear Ally, dancing kumatamo (writer’s name) book”. He must have loved to dance.

こちらは2020年以前に海外の知人に向けて書いた書き初めです。あげようと思ってわたしそびれた書き物が出てきたのでご紹介します。「アリー様へ ダンス クマタモ(書き手の名)書」というような意味や読み方の文字が書かれています。きっと踊るのが好きな人だったのでしょう。


This is written as “Song Kumatamo for Tommy”. It must be a letter addressed to Tommy who likes singing. The name is Kumatamo in phonetic equivalent. It’s not Kumatashigeru.

こちらは「トミー様へ ソング クマタモ書」と書いてあります。きっと歌が好きなトミーさんに宛てた書でしょう。名前は当て字でクマタモです。くまたしげるではありません。


This is written as “To Sarah Lady Gaga Kumatamo Book”. Must have been a fanatic of Lady Gaga. I don’t know their contact information, and I can’t remember their faces or names anymore, so I introduced them on my blog.

こちらは「サラ様へ レディー・ガガ クマタモ書」と書いてあります。きっとレディー・ガガの熱狂的ファンだったのでしょう。連絡先もわからず顔も名前もうろ覚えでもうあげることが出来ないのでブログでお披露目いたしました。

書初め フル セット バッグ付き 7号筆 【墨池付】 罫線入り下敷き

By the way, calligraphy using ink called shodo and penmanship is learned in elementary school, so most of the people can write! Although they can! Just like painting, there are good and bad skills, and Kumatamo’s calligraphy is really good! ! Self-praise!


Other Japanese New Year events include visiting temples and shrines for the New Year, watching the first sunrise of the year, giving children an allowance called otoshidama, flying a kite, and playing hagoita, a game similar to badminton. Dreams seen on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are called Hatsuyume, and it is said that it is auspicious if one Fuji, two hawks, and three eggplants appear.


↑ Please see this article for 1 Fuji 2 taka 3 eggplants. By the way, in Kumatamo’s first dream of the year, a big comedian named pacific saury Akashiya appears and says, “I’m going to give honey to my ex-girlfriend, so I’ll buy this land and build an apiary.” It’s scary!” I persuaded him at the park and bought him a honey the size of Pooh’s. 1 Akashiya Sanma 2 honey 3 Park. Hmm…it looks like it’s going to be profitable! ! !


はちみつ 専門店【かの蜂】 国産 百花 蜂蜜 1000g(1kg)×2本 完熟 の 純粋 蜂蜜 (とんがり容器)

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とある日本人が昨年食べた献立記録The menu record that a Japanese ate last year.