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2021/08/09コーヒー&デザートcoffee&dessert【バスチーの話】【The story of baschi】

バスチーって?What is Baschi?どんな味だろう?美味しいのかな?what does it taste like? Is it delicious?日本ではどこで食べられる?Where can I eat in Japan?
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2021/08/08晩御飯dinner【しゃぶ豚とパリのトリコロールカラーの話】【The story of shabu-pork and Paris tricolor color】

しゃぶ豚って何?What is Shabu Pork?パリ五輪セレモニーの様子はどう?What does the Paris Olympics ceremony look like?そんな料理と話たち such foods&stories
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2021/08/07晩御飯dinner 【魚肉ソーセージと国立競技場の客席の話】【The story of fish sausage and the audience seat of the National Stadium】

薄いピンク色の物体は魚肉ソーセージ(おさかなソーセージ)です。The pale pink object is the fish sausage(Osakana sausage).魚肉ソーセージとは?What is fish sausage?
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2021/08/07昼ご飯lunch 【釜揚げしらすとセーラームーンの話】【The story of boiled shirasu and Sailor Moon】

しらすってなんだろう?What is shirasu?セーラームーンって何?What is Sailor Moon?の二本立てでお送りします。I will send you a double feature of
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2021/08/06晩御飯dinner 【手作りもち米シュウマイと米の話】【The story of handmade sticky rice dumplings and rice】

もち米っていつも食べてるお米とは違うのかな?Is sticky rice different from the rice you usually eat?もち米シュウマイって?What is glutinous rice shumai?
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2021/08/05昼ご飯lunch 【キーマカレーとリモート応援の話】【The story of keema curry and remote support】

キーマカレーはいつものカレーと違うのかな?Is keema curry different from the usual curry?リモート応援て?What is remote support?そんな話such a story
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2021/08/04晩御飯dinner 【明太子とゴン攻めの話】【The story of mentaiko and Gon Attack】

明太子ってなんだろう?What is mentaiko?ゴン攻めってどういうこと?What is Gon Attack?スケートボードの話もあるよ!There is also the story of the skateboard!
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2021/08/03晩御飯dinner 【筑前煮女と野球中継の話】【The story of chikuzen-ni woman and baseball broadcast】

筑前煮女って何?妖怪の名前かな?What is Chikuzen-ni woman? Is it the name of the youkai?野球の話もあるよ!There is also talk of a baseball!
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2021/08/02晩御飯dinner 【生しらすと連立旗の話】【The story of raw shirasu and simultaneous flag】

生しらすは貴重な食材みたいだけど、どういう食べ物?Raw whitebait seems to be a valuable ingredient, but what kind of food is it?&旗の話!&about flags!
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2021/08/02昼ご飯lunch【さつま揚げとBMXの密橋の話】【The story of satsuma-age and dense bridge】

さつま揚げってなんだろう?What is satsuma-age?BMXの密橋は愉快なファンを発見!Found a happy fan on the dense bridge of BMX!どんな人?what kind of people?