2021/12/16lunch昼ご飯【The story of spa, lunch & yellowducks~SPA EAS~】【スパとランチと黄色いアヒル~スパイアス~の話】

japanese culture

I came to a stylish spa this day! A lot of chick stuffed yellow duck welcome you🐤🐤🐤


I don’t really know the difference between a spa and a super sento no matter how much I research, so both have hot springs, sauna, bedrock baths, yoga, and relaxation, but the Japanese style is a super sento! Western style is what I call a spa!


Relaxation such as natural hot springs, sauna, bedrock baths, restaurants, and massages are also included. First, soak in the hot springs to warm up. It’s a bit salty when you run it over your face with golden hot water. You can’t take pictures of the bathtub and bedrock bath room, so please see the photos on the website.↓


【公式】横浜天然温泉SPA EAS(スパ イアス)
横浜駅西口 都会の日常に極上のスパ時間を。琥珀色の天然温泉の他、露天風呂、サウナ、岩盤浴、リラクセーションスペースが充実。女性が美しくリフレッシュできる空間をご提供しています。

It is a cafe restaurant with a cute interior.



Charcoal grilled chicken doria, salad


It’s a cute lunch plate, but it’s quite a volume ♪ I’m getting fat, so after this, I’m going to have a bedrock bath and hot yoga to wash away my sweat. But why is the rice after the hot spring so delicious? ♪


[冷凍]マルハニチロ こんがりと焼いたミラノ風ドリア 2個入(400g)×6袋
こんがりとオーブン焼き上げたチーズが香ばしいミラノ風ドリアです。 こだわり製法の熟成チェダーと色鮮やかなターメリックライスを使用しました。電子レンジ専用商品です。

In recent years, there has been a sauna boom in Japan, and Finnish saunas called roryu are popular and highly entertaining. Japanese people basically love hot spring baths, so they have a high affinity with Scandinavian steam bath saunas. In this spa, men and women can enter together in bedrock clothes. The heat wave master blows steam aroma and spins the towel to send hot air! I’m sweaty 💧



After washing away my sweat in the bathroom, I’m completely ready to welcome you back. By the way, in Japanese hot springs, it is a good etiquette to wash your hair and body in the washroom in the bathroom, or to scoop up the hot water from the hot water pot called kakeyu and pour it over your body to remove dirt, and then enjoy a relaxing bath. ♪ Bye-bye to the ducks in Christmas costumes🐥🐥🐥


アヒルちゃん 63個 おまけ付き セット ウキウキ お風呂 (63個セット 動物のおまけ3個付き)
特大 1個】 +【大 3個】+【中 6個】+【小 50個】+【かわいい動物のおまけ3個】 大きさ・数・種類ともに充実しております!! 写真以外にもいろんなおまけが3種類入ってます!毎回ワクワク♪楽しめます♪ きっと毎日のお風呂が楽しくなります! 温泉、ホテルのイベント、お祭り、プール、インテリアとしても大活躍! 押すと...

↑By the way, the duck in the advertisement above is floating in the bath, but when it comes to public baths and baths, the image of this yellow duck is strong. It is said that American children who hated baths began to float toy ducks in their baths so that they could have a little fun. Details are written in this article, so if you are interested, please check it out ↓


お風呂にどうしてアヒルを入れるのか?始まりを解説します! - EPSOPIA
お風呂に入れる玩具といって思いつくものはなんでしょうか? おなじみの黄色いアヒルさんもそのひとつ。 浮かんでい
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japanese culture
とある日本人が昨年食べた献立記録The menu record that a Japanese ate last year.


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    The yellow duck was originally made by a rubber company and is called a rubber duck. I always thought it was a chick, so I wrote it as a chick, starting with the duck part of the sentence, so I rewrote everything! 🐣