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Miso soup with pork and vegetables
Cucumber, wakame seaweed and shirasu in vinegar
boiled hanasaki crab

  • ご飯
  • 豚汁
  • キュウリとわかめとしらすの酢の物
  • 茹でた花咲蟹

What is Hanasaki Crab? Both carapace width and carapace length are about 15 cm, which is large for a crustacean, but not as large as a red king crab. The instep has a heart shape with a slight depression in the center of the back. They also have longer spines and thicker, shorter legs than king crabs.


根室産 花咲ガニ 6~7尾 2kg詰合せ
毎年7月~9月が旬の「根室前浜産」の花咲ガニ! 一番美味しい時期に「浜茹で冷凍」にて旬の旨味をギュッ!と閉じ込めました。産地ならではの味わいを是非とも味わってみて下さい!花咲ガニ6尾~7尾で2kgの詰合せになっております。小ぶりではございますが、濃厚な旨味はしっかりとお楽しみいただけるかと思います。是非とも一度ご賞味く...

It is widely believed that the Japanese name ‘Hanasaki’ comes from the name ‘Hanasaki’ in Nemuro, where the fish was caught. There is also It is also known as kelp crab because it inhabits waters where kelp grows. In addition, it is popular with people other than locals because it is delicious. Wikipedia


花咲蟹 姿 2尾セット(620g前後×2尾) 丸市岡田商店 花咲蟹

I was looking for a crab because I really wanted to eat it, and I happened to find Hanasaki Crab! I don’t see it much in Honshu, but it seems to be quite popular in Hokkaido. The best season is summer. Due to its limited habitat, it is called the phantom crab. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it seems to be characterized by turning bright red when boiled. As for the taste, it is very delicious! The texture is similar to that of red king crab, but the impression is that it is much more elastic and packed. Crab miso is a small amount compared to horsehair crab. The shell is spiky, so work gloves are a must!


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