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2020/11/06【The story of light up and autumn leaves】【ライトアップと紅葉の話】

Delicate illumination of autumn in Japan! I'll teach you a little-known spot♪日本の秋の繊細なライトアップ!穴場を教えます♪
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2021/11/04dinner晩御飯~07lunch昼ご飯【The story of Chinese rice bowl】【中華丼の話】

Is Chinese rice bowl Chinese food? Japanese food?中華丼は中華料理?日本料理?what kind of food is it?どんな料理かな?Japanese naming sense!日本人の命名センス!
japanese food dinner

2021/11/01dinner晩御飯~11/04lunch昼ご飯【The story of Sudachi pot】【すだち鍋の話】

Sudachi is a fruit similar to a lime.すだちはライムに似た果実。Is it a hot pot dish? what does it taste like ?それを鍋料理に?どんな味になるの??