2022/02/01dinner晩御飯~03lunch昼ご飯【The story of Setsubun, Ebomaki and Demon Slayer 】【節分と恵方巻きと鬼滅の刃の話】

japanese food lunch


Chinese rice bowl, clam miso soup, spinach and bacon



Rice (not pictured), natto, pork miso soup, pickled radish, pollack roe, broccoli, chicken tomato sauce, spinach bacon



Eho-maki (thick roll), pork miso soup, tamagoyaki, cucumber and kamaboko salad



↓This is an ehomaki that has been cut into easy-to-eat pieces. Thick rolled sushi is called futomaki, and the futomaki that is eaten on Setsubun is called ehomaki.


Ehomaki is said to be a custom that originated in the commercial city of Osaka, but there is still no established theory about its origin and there are many unknown points.



Today, it is said that “On the night of Setsubun, if you eat the whole thing without saying a word, your wish will come true.”


February 3rd is the day of Setsubun. What is Setsubun? Setsubun is one of the miscellaneous festivals, and is the day before the first day of each season (the first day of spring, the first day of summer, the first day of autumn, and the first day of winter). Setsubun also means “dividing the seasons”. After the Edo period, it often refers to the day before Risshun (around February 4 every year). It was believed that evil spirits (demons) appeared at the turn of the seasons, so rituals were held to ward off evil spirits. Wikipedia



Wishing for good health, beans are scattered by people wearing demon masks. Why beans? Mame (beans) have long been believed to ward off evil spirits, and since the Japanese word “mame” is pronounced “mame,” the bean-throwing ceremony has been held to “destroy evil spirits (ma)” or “destroy evil spirits (ma).The bean-throwing ceremony is held with the distinctive call of “Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi-!(The devil is out. Blessings go within. )”is a unique call to the bean-throwing ceremony.



Be careful not to scatter too many beans, as birds will gather around your house the next day and you will be covered in droppings. Also, it is said that one should eat as many beans as one’s age, and the amount of beans eaten each year increases. Grandparents have a hard time. However, eating too many beans can cause stomach problems, so be sure to eat in moderation.



By the way, speaking of the anime that was an explosive hit due to the corona wreck, it is “Kimetsu no Yaiba(Demon slayer)”. In 2023, a sequel to the anime will be released on a world tour on February 3rd, the day of Setsubun. It’s true that Kimetsu no Yaiba is interesting, but will it go that far? ? I did a trendy way. At bookstores, comics are out of stock across the board and there is no arrival. Momentum that sequel movies in the middle will surpass Titanic, Ghibli, and Harry Potter.


↓Illustration of Kimetsu no Yaiba jacking the latte column of the newspaper


There are several factors, such as the lack of entertainment due to the corona crisis, but perhaps it is because the subconscious of the Japanese has been that demons have been a symbol of epidemics since ancient times in Japan? thinks the bear tamo. The name of the enemy character demon in the story is named after the name of the disease, and it is used as a motif. Red smallpox = Akaza, which also appears in the long-selling “Ooku(Ooku:The inner room)”. Daki(Fallen Princess) and Gyu Taro = Syphilis, etc. The depiction of fighting with poison that works against demons is like medicine and vaccines. The enemy demon is like a plague, and the demon squad to which the main character belongs is like a medical worker.


Kumatamo has been playing the demon slayer game for a long time last year. Very well made. It is recommended because the difficulty is not high and it is impressive. There are a lot of people playing live on YouTube, but it’s definitely more realistic if you play it yourself. I feel like I became the main character Tanjiro.



↓The game bonus figure smartphone stand. so cute 🥰


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japanese food lunch
とある日本人が昨年食べた献立記録The menu record that a Japanese ate last year.